What is the TCAS CATA?

The TCAS CATA, allows to accelerate the natural processes of transformation of organic matter into nutrients that are used for the growth of vegetation in eroded areas or soils poor in nutrients. This process, which is carried out even in the absence of bacteria, is of the accelerated enzymatic kinetic type, which allows shortening the natural transformation processes of organic matter that exceeds 4 months to less than 1 hour, since it works at room temperature without requiring temperature to catalyze the processes.

What makes it unique?

It is its ability to inhibit the fermentation of decomposed organic matter, since it changes the biological process for chemical degradation, accelerating the process, without the effects of fermentation such as the emanation of gases and bad smells. This process allows to eliminate the sources of rot, helping to increase the speed of nutrient disposal.

Its application and result

TCAS CATA for treating anaerobic fermentation sediments such as sludge and organic waste, is applied directly to the mass. As a result, the organic matter remains in a semi-inert condition in optimal conditions for its handling, transfers and final disposal without risk for the operation.

So how does TCAS CATA work?

TCAS CATA accelerates the mineralization process of organic matter, including coals, the product of incomplete burning by forest fires, which allows a faster recovery of soils.

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